Googled: End of net neutrality by stealth

Google will soon begin to pre-load a page which their algorithm deems the most likely you will choose from their search results. This is a great idea and will save time for everyone.

However this does come with theoretically embedded risks to a principal Google believe in. In particular net neutrality. If Google control the speed at which sites may be accessed this will have a significant impact on where users go and indeed whether they stay at the site (likely if pre-loaded) or go (likely if not pre-loading and the site is slow to appear).  What if Google began to prioritize pre-loading to those that have paid for it to be? Would this world be net neutral?

Information Revolution

In order to fund renovation in the early 16th century to the St Peter’s Basilica, special pardons of written forgiveness began being sold by priests throughout Germany. Official absolution was found and granted through the purchase of these ‘indulgences’.

A saying attributed to Johann Tetzel, a priest who begun selling these in Germany, says that “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs.”

The German priest and Professor of Theology, Martin Luther, aghast when he saw these letters amongst his parishioners in 1517 wrote to his superior and included what became known as his ‘Ninety Five Theses’ in opposition to this practice and other practices of the Catholic Church.

History tells that this writing was also nailed to the door of Luther’s Church door. Several months later the original script, which was written in Latin, was translated into German and printed by a number of printers using the technology that Guttenberg had created to first print the Bible in 1455.

Here the Protestant Reformation and the family tree of a completely new world history was born.

The cost of that picture from Soho

There seems to be a Soho in every trendy corner of the world and of course in these places there’s a lot of hi-tech gadgetry on show as part of the regalia. We had a really nice window seat that let you look right up the street and into the restaurants along it. Up the street walked Elvis and as he approached the restaurant right across from where we sitting it was hard not to notice a guest usher him in and tip him well to sing to his friends. Elvis did his rocked his pelvis as the friends all clapped and cheered all except the usher who sat uncomfortably to record the stunt on his phone. The big question this poses is can we have fun without taking a picture to prove it? That picture will remind people of the fun Saturday in Soho but from one person’s lens it will be forever a missed opportunity. Though, maybe it was a sacrifice.