Attentive yet not intrusive

I think most of us agree that adverts are a constant menace when surfing the web. They’re like jellyfish waiting to snare you and divert you. Yusuf Mehdi of Microsoft and Tim Armstrong of AoL, declared that “adverts are content too”. How can we argue against this when they are framed and contained within the same screen shot as our intended focus?

If adverts are to be part of content, and indeed quality content, of the internet for the foreseeable future, why can’t they just “get it”. Why can’t they follow your narrative? Web users need to demand control of their own user experience and compel adverts to follow the direction they are going. This also will include their preferred website not to throw pop-ups into your face or taunt you with banner-ads.

As Dennis Crowley, cofounder of Foursquare tweeted our of frustration; “Dear advertiser who dropped their ad into the middle of the live stream I was watching, I HATE YOU AND WILL NEVER BUY YOUR PRODUCT.”

Intrusive adverts will disappear, probably just after the company they are trying to promote disappears. In fact I think the actual websites hosting the adverts should ask themselves if they are happy to loose the customer for the price of the advert they have lost them too. In the meantime, those looking to better their reputation and customer pleasure should focus on being at hand only when needed and with something constructive to add to the ride.

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