You do learn from football

I went to watch my local football team on Saturday. It was cold, drizzly and at half-time the tanoy played really tinny music. I was left looking around, the vast majority of the crowd were standing in a mist of busy chatter. It was later announced that the official attendance had been 3,300 people. Making a quick estimate that typically people were in on average groups of three, by this reckoning there was probably around 1,100 conversations during the half-time break, all busy expressing some fact, opinion, feeling, advice, recommendation or warning.

It is communication that has accelerated the technium (see “Saved but gone forever” post) that we live in. After the final whistle had blown, the crowds streamed out and dissipated away from the stadium. All a little bit wiser and maybe a new plan following their discussions.

We do come together to share and we need to. Without football I’m sure we’d create some other reason. Somewhere deep down we know it is our duty to offer some divergent viewpoint or some alternative perspective. It’s all about figuring out how we can do things better. We just can’t help it, even trying to manage a football team from the touchline!

4 thoughts on “You do learn from football

  1. do you really believe the majority is all a bit wiser? remember the time you told me that simon cowell story? somehow it went from he might be on majorca to he is there on the island and i saw his house. as well intended what someone might say, it isn’t always a valid statement.

    as well, you assume that everyone has the best intentions when speaking to others. this really isn’t always the case.

    maybe i’m just too cynical.

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