Can intelligent thought occur without emotion?

If artificial intelligence does become intelligent, will it be because it has feeling?

Imagine if you could simply calculate and nothing more. Try thinking without the feeling or emotion. In this world, unless given the instruction to calculate, you wouldn’t- why would you, you wouldn’t feel the need to do so? You may ask what if your survival depended on it, but without emotion you would be agnostic. If you were given a calculation task, the decision as to whether to calculate itself would not consider if you actually wanted to or not. The question would be redundant. What we think about second to second, the big long gaps between the thoughts and calculations we perform is a long series of wants and impulses. It’s about your interests and how you can fulfill them.

The big difference is I guess that we have spare computational capacity and by some choice that we make we chose to think about others and this is emotion. We have made many big step forwards in our evolution, but from the sharing, use of tools, or agriculture, language or alphabet, I think sharing must have been the most unimaginable before we tried it. Without this we’d have no communication – why would we?

3 thoughts on “Can intelligent thought occur without emotion?

  1. this post makes me think of the movie eagle eye. in the movie there is this super computer given specific directives. when the humans don’t follow the same directives the computer does everything in its power to make things “right” given the directives it knows. maybe the computer did have emotion. it did seem kind of annoyed with the humans.

    • Ah, yes, I saw this too. The computer did get mad, but then I mean its actions became more extreme representing anger to achieve its goals. Were we told how the computer came to have goals?

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