Decide on value

Success. It sounds so good that we all want a piece of it and wonder if we’re achieving it. But I think the real barometer of success is actually seen by the way it is measured in that particular case. The story that really made me think about this was featured in Techcrunch which hosts an explanation from the Emeritus Professor at the University of California, Berkeley who also dabbles as Chief Economist at Google – Hal Varian. His discussion is about how to value Google. His answer wasn’t to ask Google, but his own explanation in this article is far better than I could paraphrase. The overwhelming focus is on how the success makes a difference. Pondering the causality is to lose focus, but if you can provide a service, even if it’s saving a few people or a whole bigger bunch of people some time there’s success right in front of you. Just don’t stop and count, keep going.

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  1. Many thanks for those of you who discussed this with me at the FCC HK, the key point I realised was that it is important to judge ourselves by our own standards. The alternative needs no explanation.

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