Dangerous news

All news is biased. Any content producing business has to provide value, whether it’s in the form of entertainment, knowledge or other general help. The logistical problem is that the right content needs to reach the right person and all this at the right time. More than this, the content needs to be sufficiently compelling to prevent the readers mind from wandering and the choosing to turn over or click elsewhere before digesting the information.

The danger is if we accept news as an entertainment, the consequence of which would lead to a race to sensationalism. Competing for the most extreme viewpoint or headline would be an obvious but dangerous tactic. I think the recent news stories of the last month have generally been dealt with in an extremely responsible way by the majority of the press, and I think the constraint has actually made me consider the possible ramifications had this not been the case. This responsibility and dedication to cause is the foundation of their reputation which is the groundwork for their business. It must be hard ignoring the temptation every day, but after every day there’s always another.

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