Probably sooner than we think

In a world of my own, I walked straight in front of the camera as group photo was being shot. My timing couldn’t have been worse.

When this group look back through their photos will they wonder who the handsome stranger was that walked right in front of their camera? Will they be able to look me up? Surely it is inevitable that a face search will be possible. Maybe the question should be when will this be possible.

I read this morning about a London bus-stop that could detect whether a male or female was waiting. When a female was detected a video was shown. The notion that we will be able to know who everyone is will slowly become a realisation. More than this, our surroundings and environment will also know who you are and who they are talking to.

Finally, may I direct my apology to the group on Garden Road yesterday. I hope you have some great holiday memories.

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