Everywhere we look…communication is trying

Communication was our big breakthrough. From noise came speech and from these patterns languages were formed. Along the way communications were enhanced from pointing techniques to hieroglyph’s and the characters or alphabet based textual methods we use today. Everywhere there is text. From the clothes we wear to deep within the workings of the devices we use. They are inescapable.

This rich labeling is not too different with what we are doing with our own and our collective data on the internet forming what some define as Web2.0. Wearing the name and logo of the designer of your clothes is a real world example of Declarative Living that we have long stopped even being aware of.  Tagging is done by the clothes manufacturers and we sort of choose from the all these tagged goods. We choose them for different reasons and sometimes maybe no reason at all. However these tags are there and were put there deliberately.

Although text is everywhere, only semi-communication is everywhere, in that a one way communication from the tagged to the message receiver is made. This concept would have been inconceivable a dozen thousand years ago. Perhaps the idea of a true communication with two way information flowing between us and the things (or people or companies represented by the things) should not be so inconceivable.

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