Does marketing have a clarity of purpose?

Why do companies pay for marketing? The answer that most Chief Marketing Officers would give you would be that it is to encourage more people to engage their services and pay for their products. However in most cases this seems to have nothing to with the mission statement of the company. How can such a key department seem so divorced from the core functionality of the business?

Propertini is an example of a company which has distilled their purpose and made the consequences of marketing a by-product (rather than end itself) of its marketing. Their mission to help users find real estate and as a result the marketing department are set this same objective.

The Twitter content has the purpose of providing property related news (presumably as required by home-hunters), the Pinterest site is focused on ideas and LinkedIn is designed for the professional contacts. The clarity of purpose and recognition of this means marketing are charged with helping users. Brand awareness and feeling towards this is then a consequence of virtuous marketing rather than the end in itself.

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