Stop! Police!

The UK Home Office have launched a new service to show crime crime rates and anti-scoial behaviour incidents within the UK. The concept is intended to move police accountability to the people and so the enevitable discussion will move to police priority. The magnitude of this step by Government to allow and encourage decisions on a more local level reflects the change in the larger world due to the massive democratisation of power due to cost and ease of access to internet technologies. This is the long arm of the law being controlled by the Long Tail of the people.

The only worrying part is that my own village doesn’t seem to be covered by a police force!

One thought on “Stop! Police!

  1. The website is now up and running and I have to say it does look very good. The interface is very simple and clean. It will take time for word to spread and people to first be aware and later become confident and regular users of this. Once this happens and checking this data becomes ubiquitous then police resources and community strength can be better optimised.

    There is of course the possibility that this transparency will affect house prices thereby exacerbating the problems of bad areas. However this is to fail to see that this is part of the solution of bringing remedy (by increasing the chances of crooks being caught) and future defence )by ensuring extra vigilance in past hot-spots).

    Having seen how hard the people of Egypt are figthing for their democracy we should be thankful and responsive to our own.

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