Saved but gone forever?

This is a great article, in fact I think it will build on ideas and thoughts many people have already had. How many times have you had to help someone who just clicks save without checking where they are saving to?

But as an additional comment to the idea of data being lost due to hardware disappearing, I just want to mention that in his book (superb), Kevin Kelly observes that we as a human race never loose technology. To explain this heĀ gives examples of sapien tools and these tools are available to buy now. In fact I challenge anyone to suggest a technology that is no longer available or that we are not able to create. Ye cannae change the laws of the technium!

2 thoughts on “Saved but gone forever?

  1. Like Mother Teresa, her love left an ever-saving footprint in needies’ mind. No matter the technology has no guarantee on what pieces you save at anywhere, I believe when a person do you a favour, ease your difficulties would save in your good memory !

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