How can you beat a stronger enemy?

Sun Tzu, in his Art of War said “Focus your strength against the enemy’s weakness”. His words have carried through from five hundred years before Christ and we can still apply his teachings. I first saw this on a tweet by Smarter Comics and it really made me think of how this could be applied in todays world of international commerce. When once we thought of enemies, now we think of competitors, and applying Sun Tzu’s teachnigs we should look for failings and deficiencies in other companies and businesses. Focussing our strength by virtue of our ideas and abilities on these frailities is where market advantage is achieved and innovation born. It is this biggest weakness where the world needs the biggest improvement, and demands it most urgently.

My analogy here is the high-jumper who has to focus on the lowest part of his jump. Only when this is done can the bar be raised.