Genuine customer service

I was one of those mad enough to try and get one of the last trains out of London before Christmas and with the cold-snap it was of course bound for the delay we had. I journeyed with Wrexham & Shropshire Trains and due to the delay they offered all travellers a feedback form. This train operator is very small and prides itself in its justifiable 99% customer satisfaction results. In my form I did compliment (if I can use this word when the praise given was completely due) and last week they announced that due to financial difficulties they were closing down. It is a big shame for the community. But this morning I received a letter from them, dated after their closure, and it thanked me for my words and custom. Although this customer relations assistant was loosing her job, she still sent me a letter. She did it not because she had to, in fact I bet no-one asked her, but it was in her very good nature. People do care.