Stop! Police!

The UK Home Office have launched a new service to show crime crime rates and anti-scoial behaviour incidents within the UK. The concept is intended to move police accountability to the people and so the enevitable discussion will move to police priority. The magnitude of this step by Government to allow and encourage decisions on a more local level reflects the change in the larger world due to the massive democratisation of power due to cost and ease of access to internet technologies. This is the long arm of the law being controlled by the Long Tail of the people.

The only worrying part is that my own village doesn’t seem to be covered by a police force!

Seeing the path of our inevitable arc

I always think the best reading involves a little history to give some perspective like this Mashable article on the development of the history of social media. One of the very early pioneers of social media was Stanford’s Steamtunnels who were just a long way before their time. But innovation is just the next step or a combining of two ideas, perhaps in a new place. While the Bay and the rest of the world are trying to figure out whats next – the next inevitable technology that is just around the corner, we should step back to see if the birds-eye view helps. The development of us, the web, the wirring technium we live in is being driven by our combined knowledge (which of course includes an understanding of the application of this knowledge). How can the combined intellectual capital of our being get smarter? Do you agree that it is primarily by increasing diversity and by increasing connectivity? I’m sure you’ve guessed the parallel with the neurons of the brain. Maybe the way social media is helping us get smarter is via the Six Degrees of Separation Principle. Is this a constant, i.e. is the number “six” a function of the radius of the earth or of the population of the plant? In our future, Ecumenopolis, will it be six or five or kvar or tri or lower? I’d love to know, and to be the first to be able to see around that corner.